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Amgad Kamel Interiors Collection

Scrolling through this collection of images display a diverse range of interior design projects and ideas completed for clients across Australia by Amgad Kamel Interiors

Though the array of stylistic choices and aesthetics varies widely, each project is visually stunning in its own right.

The white kitchen finish, with polished timber floorboards and simple contemporary artworks, teams with geometric benches and cupboards to create a contemporary cooking and eating space that is sophisticated, sleek and chic.

The modernised classic bedroom epitomises Amgad Kamel Interiors’ ability to seamlessly marry the classic with the contemporary. The elegant, wooden bedside table, chest-of-drawers and bed frame complements the rich wooden floorboards. The brown feature-wall with white trimmings, the elegant fireplace mantle and the effective lighting tie everything together, and bring this room to life.

The ‘gentlemen design’ bathroom turns daily necessities into a delightful experience. The warm glow emitted by the yellow wall illuminates the polished black basins, teamed with the mirror frame, which is contrasted with the sleek white bathtub. The gorgeous, painted glass window adds a touch of classic to this contemporary and stylish bathroom.

A simple lighting effect in a living space corner draws attention to carefully put-together design. This cosy hub contains a black, plush armchair, a pop of colour in the accompanying red cushion, a mirror to add depth to the area, and a backdrop of simple and modern wallpaper and polished timber floorboards.

The sizeable living space is an example of colour choices that make the difference between the dull and the stunning. The pops of vividness in the red rug and couch, set against a colour scheme predominantly containing creams and browns, add visual excitement to the room, without overwhelming it. A stand-alone light acts as a decorative element, as well as providing effective lighting to the dining area, and draws focus to the priceless city view.

This collection of works elucidates the meticulous design process and attention to detail applied to all of Amgad Kamel Interiors projects.  Every space offers visual magnificence, oozes luxury and sophistication, and fits in with the overall aesthetic of the home or space.