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Glebe Terrace House

It is chic terrace houses like this one in Glebe that elicit envy from Sydney residents hoping to seize a dwelling archetypical of classic inner west style. However, it is the interior design of this particular terrace – crafted by the astute eye of Amgad Kamel interiors – that sets it apart, seamlessly marrying classic elegance with modern living.

The contemporary facets of the house are made evident in its innovative indoor/outdoor living – as seen in the open courtyard, which simply feels like an extension of the dining room with wide doors and large windows. The sculptured mirrors and the sculpture-based dining table also add a contemporary twist on a classic terrace.  Sleek polished timber floorboards contribute to the more current qualities on the house.

The dining area circular interior design furnishing elements, including side broad legs, circular dining table, chandelier various accessories and other accoutrements that are also consistent with the spherical motif in this room adds balance to the flow and feel of the terrace. Teamed with elegant and traditional furniture pieces and effective lighting, this house effortlessly ties together the new and the classic.

The use of customised lighting to achieve different effects in different spaces adds further depth and dimension to the terrace. Take the creative elements of the hallways – including patterned wallpaper, the cutting-edge mirror frame combined with accent lighting – in order to create a visually exciting experience, whilst not overpowering the room.

The lighting her is key in creating a unique design statement, and achieving the exact décor and mood of the room aimed for. The red lampshades dilute the bright white wall lights, and wash this light across the wall surface, illuminating the gorgeous, classic contemporary wallpaper pattern.

Balanced exterior colours of the terrace house tie this together. The indoor design is fastidiously crafted to a T, with every inch of the house a result of careful and intelligent forethought; space is maximised and what could otherwise be just another terrace house is made into a stunning home.