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Kenthurst House

Classic, elegant, timeless, plush, polished… these are just a few words that come to mind when describing the result of this Amgad Kamel Interiors decoration of this gorgeous house in Kenthurst. From the ground to the ceiling, every inch of this house is the result of care and attention to detail; the stunning theme consistency, augmented with the use of fine furniture and decorations, creates a visually stunning, luxurious dwelling.

The sophisticated, French-style interior is brought to life by the careful selection of furniture, all of which ties into the house’s relaxed, classic and feminine undertones. From the grand foyer, to the casual style living room and the classic French-themed bedroom – equipped with a four-poster bed, gorgeous drapes and refined, and color-coordinated carpets and walls – the entire house eloquently epitomizes a modern take on French classicism.

The meticulous attention to detail is what sets this home apart; powerful artwork backdrops, statements chests of drawers with intricately detailed carvings and carefully selected color themes throughout each room ensure every single possibly angle is a visual treat on the eye.

But it goes beyond mere aesthetics; the cool and comfortable feel and atmosphere created by the clever decorating transforms this picturesque house into an elegant home.

By marrying more antique-style furniture with contemporary fabrics and modern hues of paint, the home is congruent with a recognizable and timeless classic style, and yet also maintains its own striking and original aesthetic – establishing it amongst the grandest and awe-evoking in Kenthurst.

This is particularly manifest in the formal lounge room and the grand dining room. Bathrooms contain the elements of classic French style; however, the cool polished timber floorboards paired with French doors, cream walls and white window frames gives the casual dining room a lighter, tranquil aura. Meanwhile, the carpeted formal dining area, with a striking chandelier and dining chairs upholstered with a simple, two-tone fabric (consistent with the wall and floor color motif throughout the whole house) establishes it as a grand formal dining space.

This can be said for the whole house, with each room – although containing features and accoutrements that allows the room to exhibit its own individual grandeur and elegance – seamlessly leading to the next in a continuation of stylistic features and decorations.