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The Hills House

This stunning Hills house is brought to life by the meticulous design interiors, crafted by Amgad Kamel Interiors. Peppered with slightly eccentric niceties, any chances of boring visuals within the home are thwarted. The predominant motif – the glossy black aesthetics – elicits a modern aura within this classic dwelling.

Throughout the house we see the vintage married with the contemporary. This is demonstrated by statements pieces such as the lounge suites in the living room; their classic French style is given a modern twist in the hot pink legs. This pop of colour is sufficiently subtle and contained in order to maintain the overall elegance of the room, and avoid overwhelming it, whilst still giving it a quirky and modern twist to set it apart.

The lounge suites are just one of myriad decorative pieces, furniture choices and thorough attention to design detail that cumulatively creates a visual masterpiece that is both unique and elegant.

The sweeping staircase steals the eye as you pass through the hallway. It’s painted cream railing with SS detail – illuminated by a stunning chandelier and lighting effect – cements the staircase as more than a logistical element, but as an impressive and constituent of the house’s aesthetic and subsequent atmos.

The polished, dark brown floorboards within the hallway, kitchen and other areas of the house, teamed with signature furniture and creative design details, creates a key consistency that is essential to its sophisticated glamour. A paradigm of this is the statement chocolate brown dining table finished with a glass top, positioned next to a sleek black feature wall and black window frames in the living room. The backdrop to this is walls and carpet in various hues of a sandy and earth themed paint palette, with the pink and yellow seat cushion covers adding a burst of vibrancy to the room. This colour pattern is congruent with the colour theme, consistent throughout the whole house. Every room adheres to a trio of foundation colour: blacks, whites and dark browns, or black, white and metallic – from carpets and floors, to furniture, statues, lighting and bed sheets – every imaginable facet of design is carefully colour-coordinated to house’s theme, ensuring a seamless visual flow throughout the home.

The spacious kitchen design with the vivid red chandelier sets this cooking/eating space apart as its own autonomous aesthetic, though still maintain familiarity to other rooms and house as a whole through black smooth seats, the metallic fridge, cupboard handles and wall tiles and the glazed ‘splash back’ wall tiles.

Other standout design details include the ghost chair, the striking lamps and lampshades, and other artworks, interspersed throughout the house with intention and careful forethought. The symmetrical living space in the living room, the clean line glass furnishing elements disseminated throughout all rooms of the abode and the effective use of lighting throughout ensure the neighbours will be utterly envious at this Hills House’s stunning interior design by Amgad Kamel Interiors.