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My dream of creating Classy African Serengeti style Interior would not have materialized had I not met this unique Interior designer AK. As it is said…It takes a Little eccentric mind to create/develop something Special…and in Amgad, I found this ability, not only to step into my mind to imagine my visions, but to actually ride together with me and in fact lead me deeper into this journey of creating a special decor space in this Exclusive modern city apartment in the heart of Melbourne.

I had met more than a few Interior designers in Sydney and Melbourne, as I am pretty demanding myself but followed my instinct to choose Amgad to undertake this project. It took us overall a year or so, but soon after the start it was more passion than business for him and he selflessly devoted himself to expand the Initial ideas. We together sourced items from over 14 countries and even though the space was not so Big, He went about Meticulously working on every tiny corner of the Apartment.

The Labor and hard work was worth it as the Interior is one of its kind in the world, extremely special and has been applauded in Australia and internationally as well.

Amgad is a very different Interior designer and thrown in a challenge (and if he accepts it which he thankfully did in my case) he will dedicate himself to the project

As much as he will bring more ideas to the core theme from his side, he will however still be open to sharing inputs from the owner/construction team. Amgad is also Technically sound and apart from the creativity in his mind – he is also able to work it out with the builders to practically implement it.

If I were to decorate another Apartment/home in Australia – I would not even blink an Eyelid to have Amgad on board. Rajesh (based in Hong Kong)

Stunning, beautiful, magnificent. WOW!

Amgad you have delivered my brief to produce an apartment over and above what I ever imagined and that I am so proud of, I cannot wait to open the door each day.

You are by far the most talented and professional designer I have worked with, how you were able to figure out where to hang my artwork and effectively display my figurines is a testament to your talents as a creative designer.

I have never abdicated as much control to an outsider before and to also agree to not enter my apartment until it was completed, me being a control freak, to walk thru the door on ‘that’ Friday night told me I made the correct decision.

To bring tears to my eyes said it all Amgad. You were always professional, timely and organized and your liaisons with my neighbors and the building manager were exemplary.

Thank you Amgad, words cannot describe the pleasure and joy you have given to me, the finished result speak volumes of you
I look forward to working with you again John de largie D'Alton

August 2014

I’m pleased to attest to the professionalism of AK Interiors based on my experience of working with Amgad to carry out a major renovation to all surfaces of the Glen Eagles apartment building in Raleigh Park.

The positive outcome was achieved with the resolution of many unforeseen factors that arose during the program and Amgad’s ability to work with the subcontractors to resolve these matters to the satisfaction of the executive committee.

Property values have risen substantially as a result of the grand renovation, which has been a boon for all owners of this strata building.

The project managed by Amgad has also provided a significant uplift in the quality of life to all residents of Glen Eagles.

Yours faithfully Ross McKay

Chairman Glen Eagles Strata