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Camperdown House

This Camperdown house combines contemporary sophistication with a creative twist. The highlight of the house, from a design point-of-view, is undoubtedly the blue colour motif in the lounge-room (and, to a lesser extent), the outdoor and indoor dining areas. In the lounge-room black and various hues of blue are combined to create a vibrant space that adds immense character to the home, whilst avoids being overwhelming on the eye – the black tones down the blue. The white trimming on the walls and the door also help balance the edgy colour scheme in here.

The light, dewy blue coloured outdoor table creates a follow on effect into the outdoor dining room. A blue feature wall in the interior dining area adds a pop of colour, and maintains this theme into a further interior room. The statement metallic wall artwork adds visual excitement to this space, and is spaced evenly between a symmetrical design of bookshelves and stylish candleholders, placed on the dining table. A mirrored wall enhances the depth of this area.

A geometric wallpaper design backdrop in the bedroom adds a lighter touch to a room characterised by its dark timber floorboards and black furniture. Key light comes from contemporary bedside lights, which pick up on silver and grey hints in the doona cover and headboard, whilst bestowing a warm glow to the room.

The hallway leading up to the staircase is a small, yet significant space that has had its design-potential maximised. The effective use of lighting here illuminates the polished timber floorboards and staircase, and picks up the variation in colour within the floorboards. The result is a stunning, sleek space. The mirror adds further depth to the area, and the choice of a black frame skilfully picks up on the black colour finish in the wall.

The café-style kitchen interior has perfect, polished finishes. The combination of black and white in this space adds glamour to room. The large, feature pendent lights tie into the flow-on living space with chrome polish effect.

The style choices in this home ooze modern, sophisticated glamour. Every room ties seamlessly into the next, with appropriate design details to enhance space and create an attractive aesthetic effect.