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The Harbour Manor House

Living on the edge of paradise is never going to be all that bad; but residing there in the comfort of a gorgeously styled harbour manor house adds another layer of luxury to this dream.

Take a look at the Harbor Manor House, styled and furnished by Amgad Kamel Interiors. Its harbour backdrop is made viewable and accessible by the spacious balcony, which is donned with statement pot plants that add variety to the timber decking and its earthy colour scheme.

The grand Santa Fe styled home interior is what sets this Harbour Manor House apart from the others, and bestows it with a unique twist on traditional harbour-side dwellings, whilst retaining stylistic features consistent with this lifestyle. For example, the clean-line kitchen finishes make for a sleek and polished aesthetic; however, it is styled with simple accoutrements that retain the underpinning ‘natural’ theme throughout the house  – such as the deep red-brown vase.

The commissioned artwork was selected to accommodate the house’s scale. We see this in the hallway leading to the main bedroom, in which a stunning artwork has a powerful effect, yet remains harmonious with the colour scheme and avoids overwhelming the shelving unit with size.

Earthy tones finishes and colours complement Santa Fe aesthetic, as well remaining congruous to the harbour setting. This is elucidated in the living room, in which a colour palette of creams, tan and rich green are effortlessly combines – in conjunction with textured and custom-made furniture – to emulate the Santa Fe style.

The elegant bedroom interior maximises space and creates a sumptuous haven where one can relax and enjoy the harbour view. The colour coordination is highly consistent, adding further sophistication to this room. The symmetrical setting of the bed, beside table and lamps keeps the room clean-cut and refined. The bed setting  – with its draping blue doona and matching headboard – adds a pop of colour, creating connection with the beautiful water view seen through the window.

This harbour manor house is both elegant, unique, in-trend and sophisticated. From its skilfully selected artwork, to colour finishes and ornament arrangements, every facet of the home is carefully and meticulously styled.